Membership Recruitment Strategies Time-Tested & Proven To Work

Private Club Marketing, Concierge Support, Recruitment Consulting

The PGSA Program is tailored to your private club and designed to grow your current membership base. As a recruiting partner to private clubs across the United States, PGSA has an in-depth understanding and commitment to your membership goals.

Attract new members with comprehensive services and a partner that does the work for you, from the advertising and recruitment drives to 1-to-1 contact with prospective new members. The PGSA Program allows for your private club to still expand out of peak recruiting season, beginning in either the fall or the spring.

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Lead Generation

Attract new members through proper lead nurturing and web design. From initial contact, the Professional Golf Services of America team gets to work in identifying the most qualified prospective members.

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Photography & Videography Package

Create visual experiences that communicate your private club's mission and vision through professional photography, videography, and drone footage portfolios.

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Prospective Member Engagement

Communicate with new prospective members 1-on-1 via traditional and digital strategies designed to attract them.

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Traditional Print Marketing Collateral

Complement your private club’s current efforts with a complete club brochure and digital magazine developed for prospective members.

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Social Media Marketing

Reach prospective members with enhanced social media marketing that drives insight and messaging on Instagram and Facebook.

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Direct Board Member Consultations

Have direct consultations with board members to create a thorough understanding of the PGSA program so that both board members and employees know what to expect.

The Concierge Support Team That Works For Your Club

Responsive Membership Recruitment With The Support To Match
When you partner with Professional Golf Services of America, you’re partnering with the only Concierge Support Team with the expertise to enhance membership recruitment for private clubs across the nation.

Let’s Talk About Your Membership Goals

The PGSA Program is designed for private clubs to maximize their potential and thrive in and out of peak season. Contact the Professional Golf Services of America team for a consultation– your membership numbers depend on it.

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