Meet the Founder

Dan Hallen, PGSA Founder

Dan Hallen is the founder of Professional Golf Services of America. Dan began PGSA in 2015 because of the apparent need for clubs across the country to increase their memberships and he felt that by starting PGSA, he could demonstrate a viable method of doing just that. Dan’s history is in the employment industry. As President and CEO of a highly successful recruiting agency, he melded those skills together with his experience as a board member at the Country Club of Waterbury in Waterbury, CT. This resulted in a campaign drive that netted 136 new members for CCW and laid the groundwork for PGSA to create the same opportunity for multiple clubs across the country. Since that time, PGSA, utilizing it’s unique concierge system, has brought that very same benefit to dozens of clubs across the country.

Headshot of Dan Hallen
Through Dan’s efforts at our club we brought in 138 new member and we’ve held onto 80% of them after 3 years
Peter Baker, Club President
The Country Club of Waterbury, Waterbury, CT

Let’s Talk About Your Membership Goals

The PGSA Program is designed for private clubs to maximize their potential and thrive in and out of peak season. Contact the Professional Golf Services of America team for a consultation– your membership numbers depend on it.

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