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We don't just tell someone else how to run a drive…we actually do it. Using the PGSA system, our clients routinely experience massive membership enrollments. Getting over 100 new members into your club may seem impossible, but for us it's routine. For example, a central Connecticut club that was struggling to attract members recruited almost 140 members in one short season — and retained 85% of them three years later. Where they were once struggling to figure out what to do, they are now a thriving and vibrant family club with little or no membership concerns!

Here's what our clients are saying:

"Through Dan's efforts, we recruited 138 new members and we've held on to 80% of them after 3 years."
Peter Baker, Club President, The Country Club of Waterbury

"Using the PGSA system, we were able to enroll well over 100 (127) new members for the 2016 season!"
Fritz Blasius, Owner, Chippanee Country Club

"Engaging PGSA was a landmark event for our membership.  We smashed the 100 (117) new member mark and our club is thriving today with all these new members!"
Dave Brosseau, Club President, Springfield Country Club

"When I first was exposed to PGSA I thought, 'Well, 100 members, that's kind of bogus, but I'll listen to what they have to say.'  We're now at 154 new members, so we had to shut it down!"
Jim Keyes, Owner, Sugar Valley Golf Club

"We signed 100 new members in under 3 months. I was astonished!"
Todd Hansen, General Manager, Belmont Country Club

"We recruited so many new members using the PGSA program, we actually ran out of lockers and had to buy new ones! We are at 81 and counting as of this writing."
Leeann Repta, GM, Itasca Country Club.